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Changsha University of Science and Technology (CSUST) was established in 2003 by the merger of the former Changsha Institute of Transportation and Changsha Institute of Electric Power, which were both built in 1956. It is a multi-disciplinary university with engineering as priority and coordinated development of engineering with science, management, economics, law, philosophy and arts. CSUST is devoted to high quality undergraduate education with 32 national first-class undergraduate programs under construction, accounting for 48% of the 83 undergraduate programs. Currently, the university has 3 Sino-foreign undergraduate cooperative education programs granted by the Ministry of Education, namely civil engineering, electrical engineering and automation, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation. It has 5 post-doctoral research stations, 6 primary-discipline doctoral programs, 33 sub-discipline doctoral programs, 27 primary-discipline master's programs, 126 sub-discipline master's programs and 17 professional master's programs. It is accredited to enroll international students under China Government Scholarship Programs. Its total enrollment is about 31,000.

CSUST is one of the Universities in Central and Western China of Basic Capability Building Project. It was chosen as the first batch of national top 50 Pilot school of "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Plan". It is now implementing the "Innovative Experiment Plan for College Students" project of the Ministry of Education and the "Domestic First-class University Construction " of Hunan Province. CSUST is prestigious in industries such as transportation, electric power, hydraulic engineering, light industry, etc. Five disciplines, including engineering, materials science, chemistry, computer science and mathematics, are ranked in the top 1% globally by ESI.

It has established exchanges and cooperation with more than 90 universities and research institutions in more than 20 countries and regions. Up to now it has cultivated more than 400, 000 senior talentswith job quality and employment rate of graduates at the forefront of the province's universities for many years. The employment rate for 2020 was 95.57%.

In the latest QS World University Rankings, it is ranked as the 100th best university in mainland China. The university has two campuses, namely Yuntang Campus and Jinpenling Campus. There are 21 teaching colleges and 1 continuing education college. It has 2 national engineering laboratories, 2 key laboratories of the Ministry of Education and a dozen of provincial key laboratories. There are 6 national engineering practice education centers, 2 national demonstration experiment teaching centers, 2 national virtual simulation experiment teaching centers, 1 national off-campus practice education base for college students, 11 provincial demonstration experiment (practice) teaching centers, and 4 provincial virtual simulation experiment teaching centers. Three Confucius Institutes have been set up in cooperation with University of Montenegro, University of Liberia and University of Sabah in Malaysia.

CSUST makes it its responsibility to cultivate virtuous and creative students with knowledge and capability. Striving to build a high-level university with distinctive characteristics, we implement the strategy of promoting the university through teaching quality improvement, talent training and discipline construction under the guidance. We are committed to serving the society and cultivating all-round application-oriented senior professionals and industry elites to make greater contributions to transportation, electric power, water conservancy, light industry and other industries as well as local economic and social development.


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