Renewable Energy Expert Prof. Goldmann Visited CUST

2017-04-07 17:22:04 2017-04-07

At the invitation of School of Energy and Power of CUST, German Prof. Ing. Andreas Gerhard Goldmann visited CUST for a three-day academic activity. Prof. Goldmann is the CEO of AGR SOLAR AG company and a well-known expert in the field of renewable energy worldwide. This activity gained tremendous support form the international exchange division and science and technology division of CUST.

In the afternoon of September 26, Vice President of CUST, Prof. Fu Hongyan warmly received Prof. Godmann on Yuntang Campus. Two sides had a cordial meeting. In the meeting, the two sides reached a consensus on the further cooperation and communication. The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Director of International Exchange Division, Deputy Director of Science & Technology Division as well as some leaders and teacher of School of Energy and Power.

Prof. Godmann made two excellent academic reports for the students, which focused on the themes such as comprehensive development and utilization of renewable energy, energy and environment and sustainable development. The content of the reports covered many aspects like advanced technology of renewable energy, new development concepts, related policies, power economy and scientific management. The students were deeply impressed by the reports. After the lecture, Prof. Godmann answered questions put up by the students. The students and Prof. Godmann conducted a lively interaction.

In the morning of September 27, Prof. Godmann carried out extensive and profound academic exchanges with the PhD candidates and professors of School of Energy and Power and achieved a number of cooperative intentions. Both sides agreed to intensify cooperation in a number of issues including talent cultivation, establishment of demonstration laboratory of renewable energy and the exchanges between renewable energy enterprises of the two countries. The follow-up working plan was also initiated.

On September 28 Prof. Godmann visited the famous solar energy companies of Hunan province accompanied by the professors of School of Energy and Power. The three parties exchanged views on the issues of school-enterprise cooperation , international scientific and technological cooperation and PV technologies etc.

This academic activity has great significance in that it improves the disciplinary development in the field of energy, strengthens the international cooperation and broadens the vision of teaching faculty and students.

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