Professor Steffen Burkhardt visits CSUST

2017-04-07 17:22:04 2017-04-07

On February 26, Steffen Burkhardt, Professor of Journalism and Communication from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and dean of Hamburg International Media Center paid a visit to CSUST. The Director of International Affairs Division warmly welcomed the guest and held a cordial and friendly talk.

Professor Steffen Burkhardt expressed his gratitude for the acknowledgment of his appointment as Lecture Professor of the School of Arts and Law, and promised to dedicate himself to the promotion of journalism and communication between the two universities; he expressed his wish to have intense and in-depth exchanges with the students and faculty in the school and to make contributions for the promotion of the internationalization of journalism.

After the meeting, Professor Steffen Burkhardt attended the grant ceremony of the employment certificate, after which he presented a wonderful academic seminar for teachers and students of journalism.

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