Vice President and Assistant to President visited ASU and UH in the United States

2017-04-07 17:22:04 2017-04-07

At the invitation of Arizona State University and University of Houston, Professor Zhang Jianren, vice president of CSUST, and Professor Yan Donghuang, assistant to President of CSUST, visited the two universities in late March.

During their stay in University of Houston, two professors visited the laboratory of structural health monitoring and vibration control, carried out extensive discussions about major progresses in the field of intelligent monitoring of large-scale architectures and reached a broad consensus on the potential cooperation and joint declaration of national key basic research projects. In addition, they also discussed about the joint training of graduate students and exchange of visiting scholars.

While in Arizona State University, Professor Zhang Jianren visited the School of Engineering, learned about the working conditions in scientific research, and explored the training system of young teachers in American universities. Meanwhile, they also visited CSUST faculty members and post-doctor student who were now in ASU.

During the visit, the two professors gained an in-depth understanding of relevant scientific research institutes, laboratories, new research trends in relevant field and advanced experimental conditions. Besides, their visit enabled their learning of good experience in research management, broadened the communication channels for visiting scholars and graduate students and expanded the international cooperation.

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