Linguists Milo Kaufmann and Helen Kaufmann Giving Lectures in SFL

2017-04-07 17:22:04 2017-04-07

On November 25th, at the invitation of CSUST, senior linguists Milo Kaufmann and Helen Kaufmann from the United States presented the first of a series of lectures titled “World English and Issues in Translation” to the staff and students in the School of Foreign Languages.

As a world language, English has obtained utmost importance and status around the world. However, due to varied historical backgrounds, geographical conditions and social development of the English-speaking countries, English has evolved into various types. For the English learners, it could help us to better understand the western culture to know the differences between British English and American English. The informative lecture and its unique perspective have opened a new journey of the English language for the staff and students.

After the lecture, they visited the campus by the company of staff from SFL and the Office of International Affairs.

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