The 8th South China Sea Tsunami Workshop

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South China Sea Tsunami Workshop (SCSTW) was initiated in 2007 by an internationally recognized tsunami expert, Professor Philip L.-F. Liu at Cornell University, USA. To date, it has been conducted for seven times in Asia-Pacific region. The workshop aims to weave an international academic net, in which strong interactions and collaborations among coastal physical oceanographers, geophysicists, and engineers from the countries in South China Sea Region could be combined together. Through this workshop, potential devastating tsunami disaster and hazard mitigation in this region will be profoundly discussed. For more information, please visit the SCSTW official website:

SCSTW-8 is a special event. Experts, scholars and students from China, the United States, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Turkey and other countries or regions are expected to attend the meeting. The workshop is also supported by a number of domestic and foreign universities and research institutes, such as Institute of Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Cornell University, the University of Hawaii, National Central University of Taiwan, Nanyang Technological University, etc. SCSTW-8 is co-chaired by Professor Jiang Changbo (academic leader of water research group at Changsha University of Science and Technology) and Professor Philip L.-F. Liu (member of National Academy of Engineering, professor at Cornell University). Foreign leading experts, domestic academicians, Scholars of Yangtze River, winners of Outstanding Youth Fund and many other scholars in related fields are invited.

SCSTW-8 will be held in the Xiandai Gloria Grand Hotel, Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province, P.R. China. The secretariat welcomes warmly all the scientists and researchers in the fields of hydrodynamics and tsunami. We also arrange trips to historical and scenic spots which are expected to give all participants a unique experience in Hunan Province. Please browse SCSTW-8 website for more information.

Workshop Dates

2~3 Nov. 2015: Forum for Young Scholars in Coastal Engineering (optional)

4~5 Nov. 2015: Workshop for Technical Program

6 Nov. 2015: Field Trips (optional)
Route 1
one-day city tour (Yuelu Academy → Orange Isle →Hunan Provincial Museum);
Route 2
a three-day tour of Zhangjiajie World Natural Legacy Protection Area


Xiandai Gloria Grand Hotel Changsha

No.128, 2nd Section, Furong South RD, Tianxin District, Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China 410004

TEL: +86 731 88708888


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