VP from University of Waterloo visiting CSUST

2017-11-14 11:46:05 2017-11-14



A delegation of four members from University of Waterloo, led by Vice President Prof. Susan Tighe,  visited CSUST  On Oct, 23rd . They were warmly greeted by Prof. Yang Weijun, Vice President from CSUST, together with Mr. Wu Dilong, Director of the International Office, Prof. Chian Guoping, dean of the School of Traffic & Transportation Engineering, etc.

Prof. Yang made a brief introduction to the guests on our schooling conditions, concerning talents cultivation, disciplinary construction, international exchanges of students & faculty. After her introduction of U.W, Prof. Tighe expressed her keen interest in the latest development of the key disciplines of the School of Traffic & Transportation, CSUST, of which she spoke highly. She further expressed the intention of seeking a  long-term and strategic cooperation in academic research, as well as in international talents training.

Both sides conveyed their willingness to promote future cooperation at the meeting.


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