Mrs. Yu Tianqi, Deputy Party Secretary of Hanban Visited CSUST

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On March 3rd morning, Mrs. Yu Tianqi, Deputy Party Secretary & Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Hanban paid a visit to CSUST, together with Mr. Li Hongyu, Vice Dean of the African & Asian Branch, Hanban. Prof. Fu Hongyuan, Party Secretary of CSUST met with the visitors on Yuntang Campus, accompanied with VP. Mr. Jiang Changbo, and deans from the International Office and School of Foreign Studies.


Mr. Fu Hongyuan extended warmest welcome to Hanban, and sincere gratitude as well, to their endeavor to help transfer Mr. Huang Boqing back home, a Chinese teacher of Liberia Confucius Institute after his car accident. Mr. Fu went further to thank Hanban for their trust in CSUST for running two designated Confucius Institutes, therefore CSUST will try its best to live up to the credit to promote a steady development.


Mr. Jiang Changbo continued to brief on the current status of two Confucius Institutes, with collective effort & supportive policy of CSUST, and he further expressed CSUST’s attempt to establish a third one and hoped to win support from Hanban.


Mrs. Yu Tianqi highly praised CSUST for its effort & achievements in promoting Chinese language & culture abroad, which is in line with China’s ‘Belt & Road’ initiative and culture promotion strategy. She further expressed her hope on behalf of Hanban that CSUST would stick to this policy & development pattern and make new breakthroughs & achievements in Chinese promotion.


Before the meeting, Mrs. Yu went to the hospital, presented with delegates from Hunan Provincial Department of Education and expressed tender solicitude towards Mr. Huang, the Chinese teacher & accident victim, with best wishes from Hanban and the Ministry of Education.


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