Students Delegation from CI at the University of Montenegro Participating CSUST Summer Camp

2018-07-20 17:14:05 2018-07-20



On July 6th, a fourteen-member delegation from the Confucius Institute at the University of Montenegro arrived at CSUST and embarked on their two-week-long summer camp in China to experience the Chinese culture. On the morning of July 12th, Pro. Jiang Changbo, vice president of CSUST, warmly welcomed the students on Yuntang campus, joined by Mr. Wu Dilong, Director of the Office of International  Affairs , and Mrs. Luo Chunxia, dean of the Confucius Institute at the University of Montenegro.

Mr. Jiang Changbo, on behalf of CSUST, extended his warm welcome and sincere greetings to the delegation and his appreciation to the University of Montenegro and the Headquarters of Confucius Institutes. He briefly introduced the characteristics, discipline structure, discipline development and international development, hoping that the delegation could gain a deeper understanding of Chinese culture and promote the good friendship between students in two universities.

   Student representative Natasa Djurdjic thanked CSUST and CI at the University of Montenegro for detailed preparation and hospitality and shared their first expression and experiences during this visit.

  After the meeting, members of the delegation received the gifts with unique Chinese characteristics prepared by CSUST.

  The summer camp was sponsered by the Headquarters of Confucius Institutes and jointly undertaken by CSUST and CI at the University of Montenegro, aiming to provide a platform for the students in Montenegro to experience Chinese culture and familiarize themselves with the Chinese language and promote the friendly exchange between students in two countries. The two-week-long summer camp includes such activities as short-term Chinese language study, lectures, Chinese culture appreciation and sightseeing.







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