Delegation of ESU visits CSUST

2019-06-05 10:44:00 2019-06-05

On May 25th, an exchange delegation of 12 from East Stroudsburg University (ESU) led by Professor Timothy Connolly, the head of the Philosophy Department of ESU visited CSUST. Jiang Changbo, Vice President of CSUST, met with the delegation at the Yuntang Campus on May 31st.

At the meeting, Jiang welcomed the ESU delegation, and Professor Connolly expressed his gratitude for the hospitality of CSUST. The two sides reviewed the achievements made in the exchange between the two universities, and hoped to promote further cooperation in teaching and research.

During the visit, the ESU delegation accompanied by the volunteers of CSUST visited the Yuntang Campus and Jinpenling Campus, and traveled to the scenic spots and historical sites in Hunan Province to experience the history and culture of Hunan.

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