The Third Sino-foreign Cooperative Education Program of CSUST Approved by the Education Ministry

2019-09-20 12:40:23 2019-09-20

Recently, the Ministry of Education issued Circular on the Approval of Sino-foreign  Cooperative Education Programs in the First Half of 2019. A total of 30 programs have been approved. The undergraduate education program of mechanical design, manufacturing & automation , which is organized by our university in cooperation with University of Malaya, is among them. This is the third Sino-foreign cooperative education program of our university approved by the Ministry of Education after programs of civil engineering, electrical engineering and automation. It  is another landmark achievement that marks internationalization of a higher level of undergraduate education in our university.

According to the Circular, the program will be incorporated into the national general plan of higher education , and the enrollment of students will be from in 2020-2024 , 120 students a year, four years of schooling . The program adopts the advanced international higher education model and management standards, and the education process is operated and assessed according to the talent education scheme and teaching quality evaluation scheme approved by both sides of China and Malaysia. The aim is to cultivate senior specialized technicians of mechanical engineering with the quality of "international vision, national feelings, innovative consciousness and craftsman spirit". Only in this way can we provide strong talent support for the construction of "one belt and one road".

During the preparation of approval application, the International Exchange Office, the College of Automobile & Mechanical Engineering and the International College of our university have conducted face-to-face communication , held video conferences, docked education programs, signed agreements on Chinese-foreign cooperative education , and coordinated the details of the implementation of the program with Malaya University on many occasions, thus laying a solid foundation for the successful approval of the program.

The University of Malaya is Malaysia's leading research-oriented comprehensive university, as well as a world-renowned Comprehensive University of arts, technology and medicine. In the 2020 QS World University Ranking released in June 2019, the University of Malaya ranks 70th in the world and 18th in Asia. It is the second largest university in Southeast Asia right after Singapore National University and Nanyang University of Technology. Among them, the University ranks 47th in the world in the field of mechanical engineering. The University ranks 10th in the World University Ranking of Engineering  in US News 2018.

Sino-foreign cooperative education programs refer to educational cooperative programs with Chinese citizens as the main target of enrollment organized by foreign and Chinese educational institutions approved by the Ministry of Education in China. Sino-foreign cooperative education is one of the evaluation indicators of discipline evaluation and education internationalization development in universities. It is an important way to learn from advanced overseas educational concepts and international talent training model, introduce the curriculum system of dominant disciplines in foreign universities, and bring in core teachers resources in cooperative universities. Our school's three major Sino-foreign cooperative education programs basically cover our school's traditional superior engineering disciplines. It is of great significance for further strengthening the discipline construction of our school,  constructing a professional talent training system with an international perspective, promoting the construction of "Double First-rate" schools, and enhancing the international level of education of CSUST.


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