Cardiff University Delegation Visits CSUST

2019-09-20 09:27:54 2019-09-20

On the morning of September 9, Johannes Benedikt , vice-president of the Faculty of Engineering (International Department) of Cardiff University, UK, and his delegation visited the University. Vice-president Jiang Changbo met with the guests at Yuntang Campus. Relevant officials from the International Exchange Office and the School of Transportation Engineering accompanied the meeting. The two sides held talks on cooperative education  in transportation , civil engineering, hydraulic engineering and automobile&mechanical engineering.  

Jiang Changbo warmly welcomed Johannes Benedikt and his delegation, introduced the basic situation of the school's talent training, discipline setting, international exchanges and other aspects to the guests, and pointed out that now is a golden period for China-UK in-depth cooperation in the field of education. He hoped that this visit would become a new starting point for the good cooperation between the two universities to further promote international talent training and scientific research.


Johannes Benedikt introduced the current situation and future development plan of Cardiff University's advantageous disciplines. He expressed his willingness to carry out joint training programs and exchange visits between teachers and students in summer school with civil engineering and other disciplines of our university, so as to gradually expand the scale of mutual visits and scientific research cooperation between teachers and students of the two universities.


The meeting was fruitful. Both sides reached an agreement on starting and implementing the intercollegiate cooperation program as soon as possible and said that they would vigorously promote the exchange of visits between teachers and students through the formulation of supporting policies during the cooperation period.

At the end of the meeting, Vice President Jiang Changbo presented Xiang embroidery souvenirs to the British delegation.  The two sides took group photos to mark the occasion.

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