CSUST Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of PR.China

2019-10-01 09:22:40 2019-10-01

CSUST Celebrates the f70th Anniversary of the Founding of PR.China



On October 1st, CSUST organized students in campus to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China by raising the national flag, playing the national anthem, singing red songs and watching the military parade.


Early in the morning, teachers and students watched the ceremony of raising the national flag at the front of Yuntang Campus Library and the Jinpenling Campus Office Building respectively. At 6:00 A.M, students successively arrived at the front of the office building of Jinpenling Campus to attend the flag-raising ceremony. Either holding the national flag in hands or with stickers of five-star red flag and "70th anniversary" on faces and chests, they queued spontaneously and waited quietly.


The front yard of Yuntang Campus Library was full of students in an orderly manner, and then the national flag squad marched up to the flag raising platform with strong steps and concerted action. As the flag raiser hung the national flag to the hoisting rope, the National Anthem rang, and the Five-Starred Red Flag rose steadily. All people at the scene saluted with eyes, sang the national anthem out loud, and delivered best wishes for a thriving and prosperous China. After the flag-raising, teachers and students waved the national flag in their hands and sang My Motherland and Me in chorus with resonant and beautiful voices, expressing their deep love for motherland in an affectionate and sincere way.


Later on, teachers and students watched the military parade in Yuntang Campus Auditorium and the Auditorium of the 5th Teaching Building of Jinpenling Campus collectively. Fu Hongyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of the University, said that great changes had taken place in the past 7 decades. Under the leadership of the party, new China has made remarkable achievements, especially an earth-shaking transformation has been done on Chinese education.   The dream of better and fairer education is gradually becoming a reality for all 1.3 billion Chinese people. As education carries the important mission for promoting social progress, national development and rejuvenation, colleges and universities should build up the spirit of educating people under the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, complete the fundamental task of strengthening morality, and guide students to enhance their awareness of responsibility for the era and strive to be the qualified builders and reliable successors of socialism. He hoped that the majority of young students would listen to the party's words and follow the party's path, study diligently, inherit the spirit of China, and strive for the realization of the Chinese Dream to make Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation come true.


All schools also organized decentralized watching of the military parade, and held symposiums to  share insights and thoughts about it. This activity encouraged all teachers and students to remain faithful to our original aspiration, continue forging ahead, undertake the national mission, and strive for the Chinese Dream of the great rejuvenation.


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