City Councilor and Acting Mayor of Richmond, Canada, Chak Au Visited CSUST

2019-11-11 15:02:42 2019-11-11





On the morning of November 8, City Councilor of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada and Acting Mayor, Chak Au and other 3 guests, visited our school. Vice President Jiang Changbo met with the guests at Yuntang campus with directors of international office, and transfer and transformation center of scientific and technological achievements. 

Jiang extended a warm welcome to Chak Au and his delegation and briefed the visiting guests on the development process, discipline setting, personnel training and international exchange of our school. He said that the university has always been open to the outside world and has carried out extensive international cooperation and exchanges. He hopes to grab the opportunity to expand the field of educational exchanges and cooperation with Canadian universities. 

Chak Au thinks highly of our talent training objectives and school-running orientation. He introduced the geographical location of Richmond, education development and other industries, as well as the current situation of cooperation between some universities in British Columbia and China. He indicated that Richmond, Canada is the second largest airport in Canada, with a developed aviation industry. They desire to cooperate with Chinese universities and scientific research institutions in the fields of aviation machinery and electronics and they hope to cooperate with relevant disciplines of our university in terms of production, teaching and research.

The two sides also discussed the possibility of students' overseas internship and short-term exchange program, and have reached an agreement on further implementation of exchange and cooperation projects.


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