CSUST’s Actions to Combat Novel Coronavirus

2020-02-22 10:06:41 2020-02-22




The recent outbreak of " Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NCP)" in China has delayed the resumption of work and school across the country. At the beginning of February, CSUST has taken effective countermeasures to balance the tasks of epidemic prevention & control and development. The main measures taken include online teaching and staggered office hours.

At present, the whole university has completed the online sharing of 1200 courses in the first 8 teaching weeks, determined the online teaching methods, completed course selection on the online learning platform, and achieved the online interaction between teachers and students.

University authorities and administrative staff of secondary colleges work at staggered hours. Each post has personnel on duty and the channels for handling affairs are unblocked. The vanguard of epidemic prevention & control earnestly performed their duties. The personnel on duty in each building strictly inspected all personnel entering the building according to the principles of " certificates check, body temperature taking and masks wearing check".

Fu Hongyuan, secretary of the Party committee of CSUST, and Cao Yijia, president of CSUST, led all university leaders to visit each unit and college respectively to check the work arrangement of epidemic prevention & control, teachers’ attendance online and the development of online teaching. The discipline inspection and supervision department, in conjunction with the policy research and supervision department, will carry out supervision and inspection on both Jinpenling and Yuntang campuses at staggered hours.

At the same time, the admissions and employment office has started the 1st job fair week via internet for graduates. It has attracted more than 851 enterprises, 328 universities and more than 40,000 students to participate in the online recruitment.

In order to fulfill the requirement of grasping both the epidemic prevention & control tasks and the university development tasks, all the party members and cadres of CSUST stayed at the forefront of the epidemic prevention & control throughout the winter vacation, laying a solid foundation for the fight against epidemic prevention.





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