Fu Hongyuan: Pay Tribute to Our Great Country

2020-04-02 14:58:05 2020-04-02


On the afternoon of March 31, Fu Hongyuan, Secretary of the Party Committee of CSUST, delivered a lesson titled" pay tribute to our great China!". It was the first lesson on ideological and political education in the spring semester of 2020. Teachers and students from CSUST attended the lecture through live webcast. Zou Hongru, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CSUST, presided over the lecture.

With grand vision, vivid examples and detailed data, Fu Hongyuan guided teachers and students to reflect on the three questions of "what touched China and impacted the world", "where did China's strength come from" and "how do we honor the great China" in reviewing the practice of fighting Covid-19 epidemic, and made a profound interpretation and explanation.

Fu Hongyuan pointed out that it was the "post-90s" and "post-00s" who stepped forward and built the great forefront of anti-epidemic combat. People in Wuhan heroically protected the country by shutting down the city. All Chinese people were united as one with strength that moved China and impacted the world. Examples were taken, such as the healthcare workers who were hailed as“the heroes in harm’s way",the people's army who bravely shouldered the heavy burden, the hospital builders who worked around the clock, the party members and cadres who stood firm to their posts, and the "post-00s" who served as volunteers. He pointed out that China's strength comes from great patriotism, from the strong leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, and from the great advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics. Finally, Fu Hongyuan answered the question of "How to honor the great China" by saying "for young people, patriotism is the greatest strength , life is the most flattering praise, and the sense of responsibility is the most beautiful background color ".

  At the end of the live webcast, Fu Hongyuan pointed out that the fight against covid-19 is a test of emergency response , original aspiration, as well as determination which showed us how great China is, how great the Chinese nation is, and how promising the Chinese youth are. A message was sent to the young students that they should "pay tribute to our great country with hard work and effort, and embrace this glorious and great era with their youth".

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