Doctoral Candidate of CSUST Wins German Chancellor Scholarship

2020-04-29 14:58:13 2020-04-29

Liao Xiaowei, a doctoral candidate majoring in Business Administration in the School of Economics and Management of CSUST, becomes the first student winning the German Chancellor Scholarship in CSUST. On April 9, news came from the prestigious Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation in Germany that she was one of the 50 winners of the German Chancellor Scholarship Program in 2020-2021. Liao Xiaowei will visit Jacobs University in Germany for one year from October 1, 2020, and will be received by the German President and German Chancellor.

(Simulated English interview organized by Liao Xiaowei's supervisor Prof. Huang Wei )

Liao Xiaowei has benefited greatly from her doctoral supervisor ProfHuang Wei's internationalized postgraduate training. In recent years, the Graduate School and the International Office of CSUST have continuously issued policies to vigorously promote the internationalization of graduate student education and achieved remarkable results. In 2019, more than 30 postgraduates and doctoral candidates went to universities abroad for academic visits. Many of these doctoral candidates and postgraduates have published in SSCI journals. Liao Xiaowei’s winning of the high-level award for overseas academic visits will inspire further internationalization of the postgraduate education. 

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