Vice Governor Zhu Zhongming Inspects CSUST’s Provincial Key Laboratory

2020-07-01 15:51:41 2020-07-01

On the afternoon of June 24th, Zhu Zhongming, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, came to the School of Hydraulic Engineering of CSUST to inspect Hunan Key Laboratory of Dongting Lake Water Treatment and Ecological Restoration (hereinafter referred to as the Lab). Hu Qi, director of Hunan Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Jiang Changzhong, director of Hunan Provincial Department of Education, Fu Hongyuan, secretary of the Party Committee of CSUST, and CSUST’s President Cao Yijia, accompanied the inspection. Jiang Changbo, Vice President of CSUST, introduced the history and achievements of the lab.

Zhu Zhongming pointed out that Dongting Lake is the mother lake of Hunan Province, which should be properly utilized and protected . The Lab should always be engaged in problem solution and apply the research results to practice so as to serve the government ’s management, scientific decision-making and regional economic development of Hunan.

The School of Hydraulic Engineering of CSUST has the only doctoral degree program of Hydraulic Engineering in Hunan Province. It will continue to give full play to the advantages and characteristics of our Hydraulic Engineering to better serve the government's scientific decision-making and the economic and social development of Hunan.

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