2020 Graduate of CSUST Admitted to World Top universities

2020-08-25 11:22:34 2020-08-25




Wang Ziming, a 2020 graduate of CSUST, has got offers for graduate students from the University of Oxford (ranked first in the world by Times Higher Education in 2020), the University of Cambridge (ranked third in the world by Times Higher Education in 2020), the University College London, London School of Economics and Political Science and other internationally renowned universities.

Wang Ziming is one of the beneficiaries of the international exchange programs of USUST, who took part in the 2+2 dual degree program between CSUST and the University of Essex in UK. Recent years have witnessed multi-level and wide-ranging academic cooperation between CSUST and foreign universities. For undergraduate students, there are 3+1, 2+2 dual bachelor degree programs and 4+1 bachelor/master degree programs, which have sent more than 1,000 outstanding students to study in UK, the United States, France, Russia, South Korea and other countries.

When talking about his being admitted to more than one of the world's top institutions of higher learning, Wang Ziming said he thanked CSUST for providing high-quality exchange program. An idea of going to the birthplace of Economics for further research began to germinate in his mind after he participated in a lecture given by a professor of Economics from the University of Essex. Later, inspired by Chen Yine, Dean of the School of Economics and Management at CSUST, Wu Dilong, Director of the CSUST International Office, and the British professor who was invited to give the lecture, he successfully applied the dual-degree program and spent the last two years of undergraduate in the University of Essex. He excelled in the studies at the University of Essex, ranked top in his major. Recommended by professors such as the Dean of the School of Economics and the Director of Undergraduate Teaching at the University of Essex, he was successfully admitted to the said universities as an Economics graduate student.

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