CSUST's Chemistry Ranks Among Top 1% in ESI

2020-09-15 15:02:55 2020-09-15


CSUST ranked among top 1% in 3 subjects in ESI



Recently, according to the last update of ESI database of universities in mainland China released by Clarivate (formerly Thomson Reuters), Chemistry of our University is listed among the global top 1% in ESI, the third discipline to enter the global top 1% following Engineering and Materials Science.

In recent years, Fu Hongyuan, secretary of the Party Committee of the University, and Cao Yijia, President of the University, have visited the School of Chemistry for several times, stressing that the development of Chemistry plays an important supporting role in the construction of other disciplines in the university, and calling for interdisciplinary research and collaborative innovation.

Some of the published papers by the School of Chemistry of CSUST


Led by Prof Yang Ronghua, who has been selected for National Outstanding Young Scholars and Yangtze River Scholars, great progress has been made in Chemistry with the joint efforts of all the teachers. Scientific research teams have been gradually formed in such fields as Fluorescence Imaging, Cytochemistry, Electrochemical Sensing, Battery Material Chemistry, Organic Methodology, Polymer Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry and Electric Chemistry. The total number of ESI papers in the library has increased by 64% from 464 in 2018 to 760. The total number of citations of ESI in the library papers increased by 148% from 3471 to 8598. The number of highly cited papers in ESI increased by 540% from 5 to 32. The potential value of ESI increased by 123% from 0.46 to 1.025.


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