74 Projects From CSUST Approved by NSFC in 2020

2020-10-12 16:27:28 2020-10-12


On September 18th, the national Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) announced the results of the evaluation of the national Natural Science projects in 2020. A total of 74 projects from CSUST have been approved, including 1 key project, 36 general projects and 37 projects for youth. The general projects and youth projects have increased by 24% and 68% respectively compared with last year, and the total number of approved projects has reached a new high in CSUST history.

The number of projects got by each school is as follows: 17 from the School of Civil Engineering, 11 from the School of Transportation Engineering, 10 from the School of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, 7 from the School of Chemistry, 6 from the School of Electrical Engineering, 5 from the School of Energy and Power Engineering, 4 from the School of Hydraulic Engineering, 4 from the School of Materials Science, 3 from the School of Statistics, 3 from the School of Computer and Communication, and 1 from the School of Architecture.  

Funding from NSFC is one of the important indicators of basic research and independent innovation capacity of institutions of higher learning.The 74 projects approved this year are the result of the joint efforts of teachers and students, which lay a solid foundation for the improvement of the comprehensive strength of the university and the construction of the "Top 100 Universities".

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