CSUST Ranks 55th in the National Teaching Competition for Universities

2021-03-29 10:24:41 2021-03-29

Recently, China Association of Higher Education released the Analysis Report of National Teaching Competition 2012-2020 for Colleges and Universities, with 1006 universities and 850 junior or vocational colleges appearing in the status data. Changsha University of Science and Technology ranks 55th among all the 1006 universities in the country, and 20th among 883 local universities.

Teaching Competition Status Data for Universities in the Whole Country (2012-2020)

Teaching Competition Status Data for Local Universities (2012-2020)

In recent years, taking teaching quality as its priority, CSUST has made great efforts to improve its teachersteaching skill, and strive to build a high-quality and innovative teaching staff. In 2020, the teachers in CSUST made great achievements in various teaching competitions. A total of 48 teachers have won teaching competition awards, including 20 first prizes.

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