CSUST Hosts the Fifth IEEE International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation & Restructuring and Power Technologies

2017-04-09 15:43:50 2017-04-09

From November 26 to 29, the fifth IEEE International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies (hereinafter referred to as DRPT 2015) was held CSUST. More than 400 experts and scholars from 16 countries and regions, including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Korea, Romania and Hong Kong attended the conference themed "Energy Internet and New Power Technologies”.

The conference aims to explore the theories and technologies of building a global energy Internet to provide new ideas for the research and development of new power technologies. The organizing committee has received a total of 1053 articles in English from 16 countries and regions, of which 523 papers will be selected to the collection of papers to be published by IEEE. The collection of papers will be included in the IEEE explore database and retrieved by EI. Ten renowned experts from at home and abroad in the field of electrical engineering are invited to deliver keynote speeches, including Professor Tim Coombs from the University of Cambridge, Academician David John Hill from Australian Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering, Professor Chanan Singh from Texas A & M University of the USA, Professor L. L. Lai and Professor Zeng Pingliang from the “Thousand Talents Project” of the State Grid Corporation and Mr. Zhou Anchun, General Manager of State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company. The organizing committee provides 12 regular sub-venues, seven sub-venues for special reports, four poster presentation venues, covering such topics as power system operation and management, power system analysis, protection and control, high voltage power transmission technology, new energy generation and micro-grid technology, smart grid technology, energy Internet and emerging technologies. Domestic and foreign experts are invited to tour the State Key Laboratory of power transmission equipment disaster prevention and mitigation of State Grid Corporation.

DRPT conference was founded in 2000 and was held in London, Hong Kong, Nanjing, Weihai respectively. This is the first time to be undertaken by a province-run university.

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