Professor Zheng Jianlong of CSUST Elected to the Chinese Academy of Engineering

2017-04-09 15:43:50 2017-04-09

In the list of newly-elected academicians of Year 2015 published by Chinese Academy of Engineering, Professor Zheng Jianlong was elected to Civil, Hydraulic and Architectural Engineering Division.

Professor Zheng Jianlong is now director of Key Laboratory of Road Projects supported by Ministry of Education, director of National Engineering Laboratory for Road Maintenance, doctoral tutor, Director of International Road Federation, deputy director member of Civil Engineering Teaching Supervisory Committee of Ministry of Housing and Construction, executive director of China Highway Association, councilor of China Civil Engineering Society, deputy editor-in-chief of Int. J. Transportation Science Technology and editor of Structural Durability & Health Monitoring.

Professor Zheng Jianlong has committed himself to the teaching, research, technology development and engineering practice in the field of road engineering and has solved a series of major scientific and technological issues relating to highway expansive soil treatment and pavement engineering and is appointed by China Highway and Transportation Society as chief expert in highway expansive soil projects.

The successful election of Professor Zheng Jianlong to the Chinese Academy of Engineering can be ascribed to the result of his many years’ dedication in the teaching and scientific research, and also the accumulated development of CSUST.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering is the highest national academic title of engineering science and technology and the new academicians are co-opted every two years. The academic communities and academicians, under the organization of China Association for Science nominated a total of 521 valid candidates this year, of which a total of 70 are successfully elected after two rounds of appraisal and review.

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