CI at the University of Liberia Successfully Holding Its Second Council Meeting

2017-04-09 15:43:50 2017-04-09

On June 14, 2016 local time in Monrovia, the second meeting of the Third Council of the Confucius Institute at the University of Liberia was held in the main campus of the University of Liberia. Ms. Steohen, Vice President of the University of Liberia, Mr. Cassell, assistant to the president and Mr. Bah, foreign director of the Confucius Institute, Mr. Huang Jian, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute and Mr. Wu Dilong, council representative and director of International Affairs Office of CSUST attended the meeting. This Council aims to sum up the work that has been done, plan for future development and strengthen exchanges and communication between the two sides to promote sustainable development of the Confucius Institute.

At the meeting, Mr. Huang Jian reported the work in the previous year after Ebola and Mr. Bah elaborated on the next five-year planning. Both sides discussed in detail about the expansion of teaching, CI hardware construction, optimization of Chinese teachers, opening of Confucius classrooms in primary and secondary schools and efforts to train local teachers. The two sides spoke highly of the cooperation between the two universities in recent years, and the fruitful results achieved in the past eight years. Both parties put forward new demands and high expectations on the construction and development of the Confucius Institute, hoping that both sides could uphold the interest of mutual understanding and sincere cooperation, and jointly promote the principle of exchange, to further strengthen the friendly cooperation and promote long-term development of the two sides in various fields.

After the meeting, the delegates paid a visit to the Chinese Embassy, where they were warmly welcomed by Ambassador Zhang Yue. He gave a high evaluation of the work that was completed during the term of Mr. Huang Jian and pointed out that the future development of the Confucius Institute should continue to move toward the ordinary people, carry out various forms of cultural exchange activities to promote Chinese language and culture and bilateral friendly relations to a new height.

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