A Cuban Delegation on Renewable Energies Visiting CSUST

2017-04-09 15:43:50 2017-04-09

On June 16, a Cuban delegation of 22 members, headed by Mr. Miguel Perez Rodriguez, General Manager of Renewable Energy Investment Development Corporation of Cuban Electric Power Group visited CSUST, aiming to exchange views on renewable energies, together with Mr. Li Xianfu, former Chinese ambassador to Cuba, Mr. Lei Yun, deputy director of the Energy Bureau of Changsha City, Ms. Chen Xi, head of Changsha City Foreign Affairs Office.

The host from the School of Energy and Power Engineering extended a warm welcome to the guests and introduced about CSUST and the School as well as the teaching and research related to renewable energies. Mr. Lei Yun reported to the guests about the development in the electricity technologies in renewable energies in Changsha and the future development plan. Experts from the School of Energy and Power Engineering introduced about the Hunan Provincial Key Laboratories in renewable energy power generation technologies and then had a in-depth discussion with the delegation members.

After the meeting, the guests were shown around the Laboratory of renewable energy technologies and the Laboratory of efficient and clean use of energies.

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