The Discipline of Computer Science and Technology in CSUST listed as a pilot program in the third batch of “Education and Training Programs for Excellent Engineers” by the Ministry of Education

2017-04-10 16:59:42 2017-04-10

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued a "Notification of Announcement of the Third Batch of Disciplines of Education and Training Programs for Excellent Engineers", in which the discipline of computer science and technology in CSUST has been listed.

As a major reform project to implement the "National Mid and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan ( 2010-2020 )", the “Education and Training programs for Excellent Engineers " aims at the creation of a new mechanism for joint training between universities and industrial corporations, enhancing students' engineering accomplishment and engineering practice, engineering design capability and engineering innovation, which serves the national need for its new industrialization, construction of an innovation-oriented country and strategy of strengthening the nation by nurturing talents. Meanwhile, it will offer guidance for universities and colleges to cultivate talents in accordance with the needs of the society and carry out educational reform, enhancing graduates employability.

CSUST initiated its pilot “Excellence Programs” in accounting and civil engineering (Road Works Engineering) in 2010. In 2011, CSUST was listed among the second batch of pilot universities by the Ministry of Education for its "Education and Training Programs for Excellent Engineers" in some of its undergraduate majors, namely, civil engineering (including road engineering and bridge engineering), electrical engineering and automation, energy and power engineering, water conservancy (including port waterway and coastal engineering, water conservancy and hydropower projects). At present, CSUST has participated in six pilot undergraduate majors at the national level for the “Excellence Programs”.
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