CSUST Successfully Passed the Professional Assessment on Its Discipline of Civil Engineering by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development

2017-04-10 16:59:42 2017-04-10

On May 26th to 28th, commissioned by the Higher Education Civil Engineering Professional Assessment Committee, an inspection delegation led by Tang Tao, Senior Engineer with a professorship from China Water Huaihe Planning, Design and Research Co. Ltd., with Professor Qiu Hongxing from Southeast University, Professor Luo Yaozhi from Zhejiang University, and Li Ru from China First Highway Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. as members, conducted on-site inspections for the undergraduate education of civil engineering in our university. This is the second time for professional assessment of civil engineering since the appraisal in 2009 expires after five years.

On May 26th, a professional assessment briefing meeting was held. Mr. Fu Hongyuan, Party Secretary of CSUST attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. Professor Ye Ze, Vice President of CSUST presented a report on the undergraduate education and the support offered at the university level. Professor Liu Yang, Dean of School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, reported in detail on the following aspects: student development, professional goals, teaching process, teaching resources, teaching staff, teaching management, quality evaluation, and continuous improvement after 2009 appraisal. Staff from School of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Quality Assessment Office, Office of Academic Affairs, Research Department, Personnel Department, Students Affairs Office, Enrollment and Employment Office, the Communist Youth League, libraries and other departments attended the meeting.

Experts inspected the teaching and living facilities, attended lectures, read documents and held meetings with teachers, students and alumni.

Professional Evaluation Feedback Meeting was held on the morning of the 28th, Tang Tao, on behalf of the re-evaluation panel, announced the "Assessment Inspection Report", offering full affirmation on the achievements of civil engineering and proposals for further improvement.

On the 29th, the Higher Education Civil Engineering Professional Assessment Committee held a plenary discussion, showed their consent on the inspection report presented by the inspection team, and unanimously approved the civil engineering undergraduate education evaluation of CSUST, with a valid eligibility for six years. The civil engineering professional education assessment is a key to ensure the quality of engineering education, and a necessity to join the Washington Accord, an important part of the registration system and a condition for international education and mutual recognition of professional qualifications.

On the 29th to 30th, the 2014 plenary session of Higher Education Civil Engineering Professional Assessment Committee was held at the International Conference Centre in CSUST. Mr. Zhao Qi, Deputy Director of the Personnel Division of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and all its members attended the meeting.

Professor Lai Mingyong, President of CSUST, attended the opening ceremony and delivered welcoming remarks. He presented a sketch about the history, characteristics and development orientation of CSUST to the guests, which received wide acclaim and approval by the visiting guests.

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