CSUST Received Approval of MOE for Its First Sino-foreign Joint-education Program

2017-04-10 16:59:42 2017-04-10

Recently, the Ministry of Education has officially issued its announcement about the approved Sino-foreign joint-education programs. The undergraduate program of Civil Engineering co-run by CSUST and the University of Tennessee, USA has been approved (Acceptance No.: MOE43US2A20141635N)and become the first of its kind for CSUST.

The program shall be initiated from 2015 and integrated into the enrollment plan for National College Entrance Examination. The enrollment shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements. From 2015 to 2019, 100 students shall be recruited each year and the study period shall last for four years. The program shall adopt the “3+1” joint education mode in two campuses. In the first three years, students shall study in CSUST and professional courses and textbooks of civil engineering shall be imported from America in accordance with the agreement signed by both parties. One third of its courses shall be taught by American teachers in CSUST. Students who meet the requirements shall study in the University of Tennessee. Those who complete the required credits shall be granted with diplomas from both parties. Through the cooperation, CSUST shall also send professional staff to America to work as course teachers and learn from our counterpart in their experiences in running model, curriculum optimization and course arrangement so as to improve the internationalization of Civil Engineering in CSUST.

The approval of this programs highlights a significant breakthrough in our strategy of internationalization, which marks that CSUST has embraced a new development opportunity for its cultivation of international talents and shall greatly spur the establishment of its training mode for international innovation talents.

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